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September 10 Afternoon Team Member Update

Not much change to Hurricane Irma’s track.


Posted by: memorial911 | September 10, 2017

Update from CC Sheriff’s Offic

Chatham County Sheriff’s Deputies will be patrolling unincorporated areas of Chatham County with a total of 89 Sheriff’s cars and SUVs.
The areas that will be covered are;
Unincorporated Islands Area including Wilmington Island and Whitemarsh Island.
Southeast Chatham County including Dutch Island, Isle of Hope, Skidaway Island, Burnside Island, Ferguson Avenue, Whitfield Avenue and the Montgomery/Beaulieu
West Chatham including Southbridge, Berwick, Quacco Road, Little Neck Road, Hwy 17, Hwy 204, and King George Blvd.

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5 a.m., September 10, Team Member Update

Good morning Team, the current status of Hurricane Irma:

  • Chatham County remains under a Hurricane Watch until Sept 13 (Wed)
  • The uncertainty cone continues to move westward away from Savannah
  • Currently maximum sustained winds 130 mph (low end Cat 4), moving NW at 8 mph
  • Should approach the GA line Monday evening as a Cat 1 (74-95) and begin to downsize as a TS

Please continue to monitor your local weather and MUMC’s update.


Sept 10 5 a.m. update


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5 p.m., September 9, Team Member Update

As you may have heard, the Governor has modified the evacuation orders for Chatham County. However, the entire county still remains under a general evacuation order. Zone A continues to be under a mandatory evacuation order. We are NOT changing the hurricane plan at this point in time. We are still utilizing the Hurricane A and B Teams and we are still on diversion. The storm is still following the same track but has started the northerly turn and we still expect to see tropical storm force winds here in a couple of days.

The UGA / Notre Dame football game will be shown in the Medical Education Auditorium tonight at 7:30 p.m. Please plan to join us if your schedule allows.

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11 a.m., September 9 Projected Track

The new track as of 11:00 AM

Sept 9 11 a.m. update


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6:30 a.m., September 9, Team Member Update

CEMA issued a Tropical Storm Watch for our area at 5:00 AM this morning until further notice.

Although Hurricane Irma’s uncertainty cone has shifted a little more westward and barely takes Savannah out of the cone, it does not take us out of the threat zone.  This storm will still be a serious impact to our area on Monday around 5 p.m. Please continue to monitor local weather and this site for updates to assist you in personal plans.

Currently: maximum sustained wind 155 miles per hour, moving west, northwest at 12 miles per hour.


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4:30 p.m., September 8, Team Member Update

Please continue to personally prepare for this system. Irma is a fairly large hurricane and impacts will be seen almost 200 miles away from the eye.

Highlights are as follows:

· TIDES & STORM SURGE: Prior to the arrival of Hurricane Irma’s circulation later this weekend, building northeast winds will maintain elevated water levels, with coastal flooding around the times of high tide likely beginning tonight. Then, as Hurricane Irma approaches late this weekend into early next week, water levels should further increase. Most likely all areas will see some storm surge inundation. Major to extreme levels could occur if Irma were to track further east and stay mostly east of Florida. In this scenario, storm surge inundation would result in major to extreme saltwater flooding for barrier islands and along tidal waterways farther inland.
· WINDS: There is potential for scattered to widespread wind damage to trees and structures, as well as widespread power outages Sunday night into early Tuesday. Strongest winds should occur across southeast GA, but damaging winds could extend well north and east across the SC Lowcountry.
· HEAVY RAIN: There is the potential for significant amounts of rainfall that could result in flash flooding Sunday night into early Tuesday and major river flooding after that. Storm total rainfall amounts approaching or exceeding 10 inches is possible on the eastern side of the storm.
· MARINE: Regardless of the exact track of the storm, sea conditions will begin to deteriorate today, with very dangerous conditions Saturday night into Tuesday.
· TORNADOES: Short-track tornadoes are possible north and east of the storm center.

· Earliest Reasonable Arrival Time: Sunday evening (earliest in GA).
· Most Likely Arrival Time: Monday morning, prior to sunrise in GA and after sunrise in SC.

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8:30 a.m., September 8, Team Member Update

Hurricane Irma continues to evolve.  Currently, it is showing sustained winds of 155 miles per hour as a Category 4 storm. Irma continues to track west, northwest at 16 miles per hour. Please monitor your local weather source throughout the day.

storm track

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5:30 p.m., September 7, Team Member Update

We are now in hurricane preparedness mode, so we want to reiterate and share some additional information with our Team Members.

All non-essential staff should not report to work on Friday, September 8. Please use this time to finalize plans for your family. Please be safe.

Team Members serving on the A team should report on Saturday at 7 a.m. Again, please ensure that your family has an evacuation plan and a safe place to go. We expect the A team will be here through Tuesday, so please bring enough clothing, toiletries, medications, etc. for this time.

When the time is appropriate for re-entry into Chatham County, the B Team Members may use their Memorial Health ID badge for entry into the county. We have confirmed this with Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA); however, if you have any issue at an entry point, please call CEMA at 912-201-4500.

Providing timely and accurate information or updates to Memorial Team Members is vital when there is a possibility of a hurricane affecting our region or if there has been an evacuation and Team Members need information about returning, etc. We will use a variety of channels to share updated information. These include:

  • Memorial Health Intranet
  • This Memorial911 site
  • Leadership emails to all Team Members
  • Team Member information line 912-350-9785

Please visit these channels regularly and/or follow this site for updated information.

Posted by: memorial911 | September 7, 2017

Information from Leadership for Memorial Health Team Members

Based on communications with HCA’s contact at the National Weather Service and other expert sources providing information on Hurricane Irma, we have made the decision to go on full housewide diversion.

As we prepare to go into hurricane preparedness mode, we will begin to evacuate our sickest patients this afternoon and we are canceling elective procedures beginning tomorrow.

Team A should prepare to return to Memorial for the 7 a.m. shift on Saturday, but first, please ensure that your family has an evacuation plan and a safe place to go. This should be your first priority. We will not have the resources to accommodate family members here at Memorial. We anticipate that the A team will be here through Tuesday, so please bring enough clothing, toiletries, medications, etc. for this time.

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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