Posted by: memorial911 | September 8, 2017

4:30 p.m., September 8, Team Member Update

Please continue to personally prepare for this system. Irma is a fairly large hurricane and impacts will be seen almost 200 miles away from the eye.

Highlights are as follows:

· TIDES & STORM SURGE: Prior to the arrival of Hurricane Irma’s circulation later this weekend, building northeast winds will maintain elevated water levels, with coastal flooding around the times of high tide likely beginning tonight. Then, as Hurricane Irma approaches late this weekend into early next week, water levels should further increase. Most likely all areas will see some storm surge inundation. Major to extreme levels could occur if Irma were to track further east and stay mostly east of Florida. In this scenario, storm surge inundation would result in major to extreme saltwater flooding for barrier islands and along tidal waterways farther inland.
· WINDS: There is potential for scattered to widespread wind damage to trees and structures, as well as widespread power outages Sunday night into early Tuesday. Strongest winds should occur across southeast GA, but damaging winds could extend well north and east across the SC Lowcountry.
· HEAVY RAIN: There is the potential for significant amounts of rainfall that could result in flash flooding Sunday night into early Tuesday and major river flooding after that. Storm total rainfall amounts approaching or exceeding 10 inches is possible on the eastern side of the storm.
· MARINE: Regardless of the exact track of the storm, sea conditions will begin to deteriorate today, with very dangerous conditions Saturday night into Tuesday.
· TORNADOES: Short-track tornadoes are possible north and east of the storm center.

· Earliest Reasonable Arrival Time: Sunday evening (earliest in GA).
· Most Likely Arrival Time: Monday morning, prior to sunrise in GA and after sunrise in SC.


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